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               Sykesville is a historic town located in Carroll County, Maryland, in the United States. The town was founded in 1830 and was originally known as "Springfield." In 1831, the town was renamed Sykesville in honor of its founder, James Sykes. Sykesville is situated along the Patapsco River and was an important transportation hub for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad during the 19th century.

               Today, Sykesville's historic district is home to many well-preserved 19th-century buildings, including Victorian-style homes, storefronts, and industrial buildings. The town has a charming small-town feel, with tree-lined streets and sidewalks, and a number of parks and green spaces. The downtown area is filled with shops, restaurants, and galleries, many housed in historic buildings.

              One of the most notable landmarks in Sykesville is the Sykesville Bypass, a historic bridge that was built in 1902 to allow trains to pass over the Patapsco River. The bridge is now a pedestrian and bicycle bridge and offers stunning views of the river and the town. Overall, Sykesville is a charming, historic town that offers visitors a glimpse into Maryland's rich past.


7566 Main Street, Ste 301
MD 21784


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